Our sushi bar provides the best sushi around. our sushi is made from the finest quality ingredients and is prepared throughout the day to insure freshness that will wow any connoisseur. Try our locally named sushi including the Gastonia roll and the Passion roll.
Our Hibachi bar offers a large variety of fresh cut vegetables, eggs, rice, noodles, beef and several shell fish, so you can create your own scrumptious entrée.
*** A note to people with seafood/shellfish allergies. Any food prepared on the grill may come in contact with seafood. If you are allergies to seafood/shellfish, please refrain from eating foods prepared on the Hibachi grill.
Our multiple grills offer hibachi, steak, pork chop, chicken breast, tilapia and salmon steaks. Grilled fresh and hot before your eyes!
Our bakery offers an incredible variety of tempting desserts and breads to satisfy any quest, including a selection of sugar free items.
Salad Bar
our salad bar offers a unimaginable variety of items to build the salad of your dreams. We include a variety freshly made salads including pasta salad, potato salad and fruit salad. We offer a variety fresh fruit cut daily and served with a slight chill! Try dipping your fruit in our flowing chocolate fondue!!!
Hot bars
Our hot bars offer an unbelievable variety of American, Asian and Mexican delights prepared fresh throughout the day and refilled constantly, so our foods are HOT and FRESH.
Yogurt & Ice creams
Our yogurt bar offer four flavors of frozen yogurt and plenty of topping choices to build a dessert like no other, we also have many flavors of Hershey's ice cream including fat free flavors.